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Google having decided to withdraw the Google Flights app, particularly in Europe, this functionality remains for the time being only active in the United States. This would be to offer users a best fare guarantee, especially if the price of the flight drops after purchase.

Booking a flight whose price drops after purchase is really frustrating

This happens often and especially on long-haul flights. This guarantee could surely attract many consumers. Today, even if they go to an agency to book, air travelers use several applications to find the best price on the airline(s) they prefer. They will of course do research on the companies’ sites directly, they use real comparators like Skyscanner, and they look at the offers of specialists.

Google is testing a price guarantee program for Google Flights

Google will refund you money if the price of a flight drops after you book it through the service. The feature is currently available as a “pilot program” in the United States. For specific flights, according to a blog post, but that might be a good reason to use Google’s tool the next time you’re looking for a flight (in Europe, hopefully revisit Google Flights offers).

The operation is quite simple

When using Google’s tool, some flights will have a small shield icon with a dollar sign. If you book this particular flight through Google Flights, the company says it will “monitor the price daily until departure”. If it goes down, you get the difference back.

The conditions are relatively strict

There are lots of asterisks. A lengthy Google help document explains that you can only get back $500 per calendar year, and you won’t be refunded if the price difference is less than $5. You also get the refund via Google Pay, which you’ll need to set up within 90 days of receiving notification that it’s available. Also, of course, you have to book your tickets through Google Flights.

The company says you should receive the difference within 48 hours of checking out, assuming you’ve already set up Google Pay.

Some US-based sites offer this option

A price guarantee is not unique among travel sites; Priceline and Orbitz both promise partial refunds under certain circumstances, as do some airlines. But usually they YOU forces them to search for a better price instead of constantly monitoring it themselves.

We can understand the airlines and their price waltzes

The price of long-haul tickets is yoyoing, especially on the front classes. The aim is to best fill these classes whose prices have tended to rise sharply. But what frustration, when an individual customer sees the price of his ticket drop significantly when he has booked several weeks, even several months before departure. We have already seen this phenomenon on several occasions with drops of more than €500.

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