Good deals for September: where to go for less than 160 euros, according to Liligo

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The high season is slowly coming to an end but summer is not over yet. Some choose to go on vacation in September, thus extending the summer period in order to benefit from a lower influx of travelers and of attractive prices for plane tickets.

So, where to go in September? The Liligo search engine delivers its good deals for getting away for less than €160, based on price searches carried out from July 1, 2023 to August 22, 2023 for a round trip for one person departing from France between September 1 and 30.

In September, Liligo notices that prices are significantly more advantageous than in July and August. Up to two times cheaper in the direction of Marrakech which displays an average price for September of €159 for a round trip compared to €308 in July and August. Barcelona being the most affordable destination with a return flight at an average price of €92 per person from France with a price drop of 3% compared to last year at the same period.

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