Global aviation will need 1.3 million new professionals by 2032, says CAE

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CAEa specialist in personnel training in the air and defense sectors, has published its forecasts for civil aviation job marketanticipating a need for 1.3 million new professionals -pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers and cabin crew members- during next 10 years to meet the growth of the sector.

CAE’s comprehensive 10-year Aviation Talent Forecast estimates that 1.18 million people in commercial aviation and 106,000 in business aviation would need to be recruited and trained to fill job vacancies. due to retirements and attrition, and the expansion of air transport.

As commercial aviation approaches full recovery and business aviation surpasses pre-pandemic levels, CAE’s forecast shows that demand for personnel will continue to grow, and the industry will need to come together and find creative ways to ensure a steady pool of highly qualified personnel for the next 10 years and beyond said Nick Leontidis, President of CAE.

The Aviation Talent Forecast is a tool for stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem that analyzes future staffing demand for pilots and, for the first time in this report, flight technicians. aircraft maintenance and cabin crew worldwide. It focuses not only on how many people will be needed in each region over the next decade, but also on the reasons for the high demand and what the industry can do to attract talent.

The report also offers insightful insights into transforming the industry through advanced training, sustainable practices, and the acquisition of diverse talent. In addition to projecting the demand for aviation professionals, it highlights the role of technology in training, the importance of sustainability and the impact of diversity.

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