GETELEC – The EMC shielding specialist at the heart of new challenges

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A specialist in cutting-edge elastomers, Getelec is an equipment manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of CEM solutions, microwave absorbers, technical sealing and heat dissipation.


Created in 1968, the SME with 50 employees has become the essential specialist in CEM shielding through its know-how and its numerous CEM innovations. Beyond a simple supplier, Getelec appears more like an innovation partner to the largest clients, thanks to its tailor-made turnkey solutions.

Operating in cutting-edge and constantly evolving technological markets such as space, aeronautics and defense, Getelec invests 10 to 15% of its turnover each year in its innovation and production division in order to maintain its strength of proposals. for these multi-sector clients.

In recent years, the aeronautics, space and defense markets are no longer the only ones to benefit from Getelec’s expertise, which is now extending its expertise to the automotive and transport energy markets. and medical.

With its large network of distributors, Getelec is perfecting its international development and achieves nearly 30% of its turnover from exports.

A cutting-edge technological advancement

Operating in a niche market, it is often difficult to stand out from the competition. We wanted to know how Getelec became an essential partner. To find out, we had the opportunity to have a total immersion in all the processes and stages from the processing of customer requests until the final manufacturing of the product.

The expertise offered by the Getelec design office goes beyond the simple management and execution of specifications. They are true experts in their field who determine and analyze the various issues in order to offer the most suitable solution to the end customer and thus guarantee a tailor-made product without obsolescence while allowing optimization of the performance of the final product. .

We were also impressed by their 4.0 production facility. All of their equipment is supervised by complex monitoring allowing all aspects of the product and machine to be controlled and monitored in real time in order to analyze and anticipate any anomaly, all combined with usage. autonomous vehicle (AGV) which circulates within the production department. The company’s production capacity is surprising for an SME, since we were able to see that the firm had a production capacity ranging from prototype to large series.

A complete range of very high-end products

Getelec products are renowned in many sectors, particularly defense, aeronautics and space, due to their strict requirements governing the various equipment and electronics in these markets.

The diversity of product ranges allows the company to be multi-sectoral and thus be able to respond to all demands, whatever the markets. The products developed are qualified by the strictest requirements such as MIL, ESA, Airbus, Boeing standards…. It has also integrated rank 1 as an aeronautics supplier, notably thanks to their range of products dedicated to interior design. interior cabins.

A recent survey also noted that 90% of the contractors questioned qualify Getelec’s products as very high quality and high added value in terms of technology.

Limitless innovations

On average, 10 product innovations per year are developed by Getelec Lab, their research and development department, to expand their wide range of already existing products.

Beyond its know-how, the company benefits from a significant strength of proposal and is capable of adapting to all the environmental, technological and geometric constraints of customers.

Since 2020, the company has offered a complete range of characterization, formulation and deformulation of polymer and thermosetting materials. Accompanied by a materials doctor, this offer allows its customers to benefit from a detailed report but also to obtain a comparative chemical study with the aim of developing new products or obtaining answers and solutions to their problems.

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