Genève Aéroport: strike lifted, traffic back to normal

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An agreement between the management of Geneva Airport and trade unions was announced late yesterday afternoon, putting end to historic strike staff at Switzerland’s second airport.

The strike has been definitively lifted and airport operations will resume on Saturday July 1, 2023, the key date for departure on vacation.“, announced Genève Aéroport. “We recommend travelers check with their airline. Indeed, despite this return to normal, repercussions are to be feared due to the delays accumulated the day before.“, clarified the airport.

Yesterday, air traffic at Genève Aéroport was severely disrupted, with 138 flights canceled due to a strike by civil servants working on the platform. Dozens of other flights were delayed, causing large queues outside and at the airport.

The new salary model accepted by the Board of Directors was at the origin of this social movement. According to the agreement that has been reached, it will not come into force until 2025, leaving an additional year to agree on the parameters and modalities of the reform. A joint ad hoc committee has been set up for this purpose.

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