GDS Amadeus recovers, reduces debt

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Amadeusthe world’s leading GDS (ticket reservation system), announced on Friday that it has consolidated its recovery in the second quarter thanks to the’tourism boom in the post-Covid period.

The Spanish GDS earned 560 million euros in adjusted profit in the first half, an increase of 85% compared to the 303 million euros earned in the first half of 2022. In the second quarter alone, it earned 287 million euros in profit, a level slightly higher than analysts’ expectations, which had forecast 275 million euros.

The turnover of Amadeus, whose core business is an airline ticket reservation platform for travel agencies and airlines, reached 2.69 billion euros, or 28% more only in the second half of 2022.

Air reservations thus increased by 17.2% over one year, driven by the North American market, where they exceeded their pre-pandemic level by 4%. Revenue from hotel reservations, for its part, rose by 23.6%. These figures have enabled Amadeus to reduce its financial debt, which had swelled sharply during the pandemic. The latter now reaches 1.87 billion euros, against 2.02 billion at the end of March.

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