Full-scale production begins for new U.S. Marine air defense system

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The United States Marine Corps is engaged in a major overhaul, including a modernization of its equipment, called Design Force 2030. As part of this process, KONGSBERG Protech Systems USA announced that the full production phase of the Marines’ new air defense system, the MADIS RWS, has just debuted.

Entry into full-scale production of the MADIS RWS air defense system

In September 2021, the United States awarded a contract to KONGSBERG Protech Systems USA for the construction of a new Remote Controlled Weapons Station (RWS) for the Marine Corps ground-based air defense ( GBAD). This five-year OTA (Other Transaction Authority) production contract with indefinite deliveries and quantities has a ceiling of $94 million for its implementation.

“As we enter the full-scale production phase of these remote weapon stations, we are also discussing additional technologies that we can incorporate into the system to enhance and expand their capabilities for Marines. announced William Dixon, MADIS project manager at KONGSBERG Protech Systems USA.

The new system, named MADIS, for Marine Air Defense Integrated System, is part of an overall effort to modernize and redesign the U.S. Marine Corps called Force Design 2030.

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