From Montpellier, comes the exercise bike to travel in virtual reality

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The start-up Fit Immersion de Montpellier has decided to bet on the combination of physical activity and travel. In other words, how to go on a trip around the world in virtual reality with an exercise bike: a way to stay motivated and not miss a single workout. And this thanks to a connected virtual reality viewer, which allows you to “escape”, at least with your imagination, to 25 destinations around the world during training.

The technology of Fit Immersion allows multiple uses: on IOS and Android with the Kit Mobile 2; on Oculus with the Ocula kit; or even with a 100% autonomous helmet with the Kit Pro 2. More advanced solutions are also available for fitness professionals.

Thanks to the connected virtual reality sports kit, lovers of travel and escape find themselves immersed in real conditions in the desired destination. To do this, Fit Immersion partners with over 50 360° camera owners around the world, a community of videographers now ready to film bike rides, to help create new virtual sports adventures.

To the 25 courses already available in France, Ireland and Russia, around ten new circuits will be added in the coming months. Soon the first destinations already filmed will be published, namely the city tours of Budapest and Toronto; the goal is to offer more than 50 routes on five continents by the end of 2023.

Fit Immersion – VR indoor cycling

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