French vacationers remain attached to Mauritius

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From January to September 2023, Mauritius welcomed 901,126 visitors. French tourists, as usual, were there, with 211,069 arrivals. Mauritius has a wide range of natural attractions: a subtropical climate, white sand beaches, clear water, lush vegetation but also a friendly and welcoming multi-ethnic population. We have no doubt that this winter, many French, Belgians and Swiss are heading to Mauritius with their favorite tour operators. Many of them suggest the destination. One of the specialists is Beachcomber Tours run by Guy Zekri

The hotel industry remains an important asset in Mauritius

The Mauritian hotel industry is constantly improving the quality of its accommodation in order to meet the traveler’s requirements. The hotels have the latest technologies and services to meet the demands of tourists. Thus, they have a wide variety of services such as sauna, massages, private jacuzzi, well-designed garden, offering a magical atmosphere.

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Tourism is crucial

Mauritius received around 18,000 visitors in 1970 and in recent years this number has reached almost 1 million visitors annually. The tourism sector is one of the main pillars of the local economy. Today it is estimated that nearly 40,000 jobs are linked to the tourism sector. Those who visit Mauritius are mainly European, including a large proportion of French and British.

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Mauritius attracts many tourists from Africa, Asia…

In addition to visitors from Europe and particularly France, Mauritius attracted 203,660 African visitors, 97,791 Asian tourists, and 32,451 travelers from the Middle East. These figures reflect the growing diversity of visitors.

Travelers from Oceania (14,347) and America (16,087) were also won over by the destination.

More and more Europeans

Europeans were the most numerous in 2022, with 674,511 arrivals, followed by Africans (207,010) and Asians (90,960). French tourists were particularly numerous, totaling 238,864. Visitors from the Middle East (36,033), Oceania (7,794) and America (16,530) also contributed to this exceptional performance. 2023 will, without a doubt, be a very good year for Mauritius.

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The main hotel groups in Mauritius

Beachcomber is surely one of the leaders in Mauritius. The group is well known to tourism professionals. All Beachcomber hotels offer a highly relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings, complemented by premium amenities and first-class services.

Constance Hotels & Resorts is a collection of hotels nestled in the most beautiful destinations of the Indian Ocean and offers unforgettable experiences combining luxury and authenticity. Your dream vacation will come true.

Attitude hotel

Attitude Hotels has a unique philosophy, encouraging you to ‘live like a local’ and immerse yourself in island life. Each resort offers a series of “authentic” experiences

Indigo Hotels is now Ninety-Six Hotel Collection, a change inspired by Indigo’s early days in 1996, when the joy of discovery was linked to unforgettable moments, culinary journeys and artistic expression.

Sunlife hotel

Sun Resorts is now called Sunlife with four luxury resorts in Mauritius and Île aux Cerfs. Each Sunlife resort is full of life and wonderfully unique.

LUX* Resorts & Hotels Over the years, our hotels have been recognized with excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, as well as numerous prestigious hotel industry awards.

Rogers Hospitality was born from the merger of the Rogers group’s hospitality and leisure divisions. This new consolidated center is emerging to create authentic and convivial moments, capitalizing on the 74 years of experience of the Rogers group in the fields of travel, hospitality and leisure. Hotel names include Veranda Resorts and Kaz’alala, Heritage Resorts, Heritage Golf Club…
Club Med: Since its creation in 1950, Club Méditerranée, commonly known as Club Med, has created and promoted a new form of shared experience and a unique style of vacation: the all-inclusive vacation. Club Med is of course present in Mauritius

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