France: trends confirm a return of extra-European tourists

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After months of May and June to outstanding performancethere summer season 2023 looks favorable, with a slightly more nuanced July compared to the records of 2022 but similar to 2019, according to a joint press release Bercy, Atout France and DNA Tourism.

During the month of July, the international customers have returned both from Europe (for example, +11.4% for Spaniards compared to 2022 in air arrivals) and from outside Europe (for example, +20.6% for Canadians and + 5.9% for the Americans compared to 2022). Paris contributes greatly to the international attractiveness observed with both European and non-European customers, with the gradual return in particular of the Japanese and Chinese. In addition, from July 1 to 20, occupancy rates in outdoor accommodation by European customers exceed 2022 levels by +15%.

In the hotel industry, the occupancy rate for the month of July is around 74% for the whole of metropolitan France, a rate almost identical to 2022. Campsites attract more foreign tourists than in 2022: “From July 1 to 20, European customers in the outdoor accommodation sector exceed their level of last year by 15%.”

Over the months, the international attractiveness of France is confirmed and strengthened. Domestic customers are in a transition phase with the return of international travel and an adaptation of practices to the inflationary context, to climate change, and to the desire for enhanced discovery of all territories in all seasons. », declares Caroline Leboucher, Managing Director of Atout France.

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