France: the 2023 summer tourist season slightly better than in 2022

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There summer season from April to September 2023 should be a little better than that, already good, of 2022, according to a survey carried out by Opinion Way for Atout France, ADN Tourisme and eleven regional tourism committees.

Next to 7 out of 10 French people (67%) went on vacation this year, for weekends or long stays, and 88% of them remained in France. In July and August, attendance was therefore “ globally stable » compared to last year. While foreigners have returned, the French have favored shorter stays due to capricious weather and a more constrained budget.

If, despite inflation, the French have “ protected their vacation “, as the Minister Delegate for Tourism Olivia Grégoire pointed out during a press conference on Tuesday, it emerges from the investigation that they have ” sought to better control their expenses “: 27% have ” declared having consumed less in restaurants » and the average length of stay fell to 8 days versus 9 last year.

Faced with prices sometimes considered quite high, the behavior of the French has changed summed up the Minister: They always went to restaurants, but often consumed a little less or otherwise “, acclaiming campsites and rentals between individuals, whose attendance increases respectively by 2% and 11.8%.

And if the countryside and the mountains, more affordable destinations, attracted more this summer, the coast absorbed the majority of French holidaymakers. Of the 20 destinations that concentrated more than 55% of overnight stays, 18 were by the sea and 2 in the mountains, according to the study. Side international touristsFrance, which has become the world’s leading tourist destination with a record 90 million foreign tourists welcomed in 2019, before the pandemic, should welcome more than 80 million in 2023garnering ” between 64 and 67 billion euros in revenue “, according to government forecasts.

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