France may currently be worried about its tourism

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For several days, it has been the same scene at the Palace of Versailles: thousands of tourists have had to evacuate the world-famous monument near Paris, because the authorities received a bomb threat. This happened on Sunday for the seventh time in eight days.

Regional airports and schools have also been frequently affected by such threats. Given the highest level of terror alert imposed on the country two weeks ago, police do not take any of these bomb threats lightly.

Even though so far no sign of a real threat has been detected, our country is now worried about its tourism

The president of the Union of Hotels and Restaurants in the Paris Region (UMIH), Franck Delvau, reported to France 3, at the start of the autumn holidays, a 10% increase in cancellations. Tourists are postponing their trips for fear of new warnings, he warned. Besides hotels, taxi drivers also recorded a slight drop in the number of customers. “This puts the tourism industry at risk” and the climate of fear is not good for the industry.

bed bug

Information about bedbugs has been spread around the world

Many foreign media have focused in recent days on the concern (sometimes psychosis) affecting France regarding bedbugs. Some media have forced the point. We learn that “the French public authorities have announced that bedbugs have infested the Parisian transport networks, and the city as a whole”. As in all major metropolises in the world, Paris is not immune to rats, mice and even bedbugs, even if transport companies, whether RATP or SNCF, have ruled out any invasion.

In short, all this information harms the image of France before the 2024 Olympic Games.

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