France: international tourism could bring in up to 67 billion euros in 2023

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The arrivals of foreign tourists are increasing in France and should generate between 64 and 67 billion euros in revenue in 2023, a record, announced Tuesday Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate in charge of Tourism.

Without real surprise, we have a very good tourist season this year, in line with summer 2022“, Olivia Grégoire announced yesterday during a press conference on the tourism results for the summer period. By comparison, last year, international arrivals generated 58 billion euros in revenue, exceeding their pre-pandemic level.

According to the Minister’s announcements, this increase is explained on the one hand by a 29% increase in international arrivals, as well as by greater flexibility in the time of stays, supported by the generalization of teleworking. The government also notes a change in the distribution of tourism on the territory, now less concentrated on the coast, due to record temperatures this summer.

If foreign tourists have returned to France, the French, too, have gone on vacation. They are 7 out of 10 to have left this summer, including 88% in France, according to the Ministry of Tourism. Again, for comparison, 7 out of 10 French people also went on vacation in 2022, compared to 6 out of 10 in 2021.

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