France: hoteliers take advantage of major events… to raise prices

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The Rugby World Cup is fast approaching, and with it the difficulties of finding affordable accommodation in the host cities. The hotel prices expected during the Olympic Games in 2024 are also rising sharply. It’s indecent.

An increase already observed in normal times

The increase is a trend that is due to inflation (on energy prices in particular) and to the lack of personnel (it was necessary to increase salaries to recruit). This can be seen in all European capitals, but Parisian hoteliers are those who have increased their prices the most, behind hoteliers in Rome.

Upgrading sustainable tourism costs Dear

The increase in prices is also due to the means implemented for more sustainable tourism, to the investments which are reflected in the prices. More than 11 million tourists visited Paris between January and April this year (a slight decrease of 2% compared to 2019, the last reference year before the health crisis. It should be noted that Chinese visitors have not yet returned.

Some hotels are already fully booked for the Rugby World Cup

Some hotel complexes are already full. Others offer exorbitant prices, leaving many supporters without a solution. They are all looking for a solution in order to be present.

Nice: prices would have increased by +200%

The cities where the Rugby World Cup takes place have seen a sharp increase in reservations for their hotel complexes in recent months, as well as an increase in the price of overnight stays during the period of sporting events. In Nice, hotels are blowing up prices with an increase of around +200% compared to the usual rates*. Even F1 hotels see their rooms go from 50 euros per night to 150 euros. Despite these exorbitant prices, many hotels have already been full for several months. In Nantes, a few months before the start of the matches, the hotels no longer have a single room available during the period.

Seasonal rental could be a solution

We should prefer seasonal rental at more affordable rates to enjoy a tailor-made stay.

On the side of the owners, the speech is a little different. Many do not intend to increase their prices to allow everyone to enjoy the event. In Nice, host city of the event, the average price** per night and per person is €63, a figure significantly lower than that of the summer season which is €74 per night. This

This approach has something to appeal to many supporters because, in addition to more advantageous rates than those of hotels, seasonal rentals offer more comfort. Many French people claim to prefer seasonal rentals to hotels for their stays because they can take advantage of more spacious spaces and in particular a kitchen.

Contact the hosts directly to get their advice and negotiate preferential rates for long-term stays

Amivac, the French site for seasonal rentals, offers another major advantage: talking directly with the hosts. If a unit is of interest to a supporter, the latter can then send a message to its owner for more information. Proximity to the stadium, use of transport, sound insulation… It can be very useful to

know all these details beforehand in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, if the tenant wishes to make an extended stay, he can try to negotiate with the owner a reduction in the price of the stay.

* Nice morning

** Amivac and Hometogo figures

About Amivac:

Amivac is an online vacation rental platform, created in 2005, which directly connects vacationers and owners. With a wide range of accommodation throughout France and other popular destinations around the world, the site has options for all budgets and preferences. With more than 6 million vacationers per year, its online reservation system simplifies the rental process to offer the most pleasant and serene experience possible.

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