France: after Ciaran, 260,000 homes remain without electricity, waiting for the new Domingos storm…

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Some 260,000 homes remain without electricity in France today due to the consequences of the passage of storm Ciarán, while we await the arrival of another storm, Domingos, with a dozen departments on orange alert.

According to Météo France forecasts, the new storm will bring violent winds again this Saturday, reaching 120 kilometers/hour on the Atlantic coast, and its most serious effects will be felt in France, particularly at the end of the afternoon.

Domingos, currently located in the northwest of Spain, is already causing a lot of damage in the Galicia region.

Not even time to get over Ciaran…

Ciarán, which left 2 dead and 47 injured, swept through France last Thursday and left more than a million customers disconnected, according to Enedis, which today estimates the number of homes still without electricity at 260,000.

This storm, which generated winds of more than 200 kilometers per hour, particularly affected Brittany and Normandy, and also caused disruptions to rail and air traffic.

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