France: a new tax on plane tickets?

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After having mentioned the idea several times before the summer, in particular during the congress of the National Federation of Merchant Aviation (Fnam) in France, the Minister Delegate in charge of Transport Clément Beaune reaffirmed his intention. A proposal should be made on the occasion of the next finance bill, which will be presented at the end of September.

“We need to invest massively in the ecological transition…

And one of the sources of financing is to ask the most polluting modes of transport, road and air, to finance investment, particularly in the train so that there are more trains and that prices are lower,” the minister said.

100 billion for rail transport

Recalling that the principle had already been mentioned by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne at the time of the announcement of the 100 billion euro investment plan for the railways, Clément Beaune confirmed the ongoing discussions on the taxation of tickets. plane, specifying that the terms will be specified next month in the PLF. Without going into detail, the minister put forward the principle of “differentiated taxation according to the purchasing power of passengers and distance, and therefore the ecological impact”.

Are other Europeans ready to tax as well?

One of the demands of air players does not change, however, it is to take into account the consequences that such a tax could have on the competitiveness of the sector. Air France thus asks that “fair competition conditions be respected, in order to avoid reinforcing the existing distortion of competition with non-European operators. »

On this point, Clément Beaune says he wants to extend the discussion to European level during a meeting of European transport ministers at the end of September: “There is no point in taxing French companies if the others do not make a effort. I am very vigilant to ensure that our airlines, such as Air France, and our airports are not the turkeys of the farce. A meeting which could also address the idea of ​​a taxation of kerosene at European level.

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