FNAM welcomes the adoption of the law on the predictability of the organization of air navigation in the event of a strike

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The law which was adopted yesterday in the National Assembly was proposed by the senator of Seine-Saint Denis, Vincent Capo-Canellas, and supported by the government.

After having been adopted before the summer in the Senate, on a proposal from the senator of Seine-Saint Denis Vincent Capo-Canellas, the law relating to the predictability of the organization of the organization of air navigation services in the event of movement social, was voted on in the National Assembly on Wednesday November 15.

Cancellations at 8 million euros per day

The FNAM (National Federation of Aviation and its Trades) welcomes this adoption. She recalls that, since September 2022, French air transport has experienced more than forty days of strikes by air navigation control engineers (ICNA). The consequences of these so-called “solidarity” strikes on passengers and the activity of French and foreign airlines were very significant. The cost of cancellations for operators was thus estimated at 8 million euros per day on average and the cost of delays at an additional 6 million euros per day (source Eurocontrol).

Airlines based in France, and their passengers, who are the most affected by these strike movements, have for years already been demanding the establishment by the State of a system guaranteeing better predictability for passengers in the form of an obligation for air traffic controllers to individually declare their intention to strike at least 48 hours before the start of the social conflict. This will soon be done.

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