FNAM “firmly” opposes the new tax on airport turnover

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There National Federation of Aviation and its Professions (FNAM), bringing together the French aviation sectoropposes “firmly” to the government’s new plan to introduce a new tax on French air transport through a specific levy on the turnover of airport concessionsas part of the 2024 Finance Bill.

The FNAM, which represents more than 370 companies and 95% of the French air sector, is surprised by the form of this announcement, which was not the subject of any consultation or information gathering from players in the air sector. . In a long press release, she explains:

A dialogue on this subject with the airline sector would have made it possible to clarify the consequences of this new measure and in particular that the cost of this new tax would in reality, due to the regulatory framework applicable in France, be essentially borne by the airlines. and their passengers.

This measure is also added to a succession of other taxes or banning measures imposed at national or European level which do not benefit the ecological transition of air transport but considerably reduce the competitiveness of the French flag. The latter has, however, identified the measures and investments necessary for an effective reduction of its CO2 emissions by 2030 as well as the achievement of a carbon neutrality objective by 2050.

The announced tax measures will inevitably further increase all air fares paid by many metropolitan or overseas residents, for whom the use of air transport does not constitute a luxury but rather a necessity in the lasting absence of alternative modes of transport that are efficient and financially accessible.

Air transport has been able to democratize itself while being self-financing. The accumulation of tax measures unnecessarily threatens its future and slows down its decarbonization by limiting its investments in new fleets and sustainable aeronautical fuels, while the various taxes and fees already represent almost half the price of a ticket on a route European.

The FNAM requests that the project of additional taxation of airport concessions, having not been the subject of any consultation, be abandoned. Otherwise, the FNAM will study possible legal recourse against the implementation of such a system. Its members remain fully committed to their ambition to contribute sustainably to the economic development of France and its territories.“.

And to prove its point, the FNAM publishes the breakdown of the price of a plane ticket, with the example of a Paris-Nice one-way ticket at 130 euros:

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