Five amazing adventures to do in Central America and the Dominican Republic

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Central America and the Dominican Republic hide a wide range of thrilling activities and adrenaline-charged sports, suitable for all tastes, ages and fitness levels. Here are five options that the more adventurous travelers can experience in the region.

Go rafting in the waterfalls of the region

Adventure sports enthusiasts will be amazed by the wide variety of rafting routes in Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala. The tropical Pacuare River in Costa Rica offers spectacular scenery and stretches 105 kilometers, with class 3 to 4 rapids, bordering the Talamanca mountain range. Rafting on the Rio Grande of Panama allows you to get your adrenaline pumping on the white waters, but also to enjoy the flora that surrounds the river. Guatemala, on the other hand, has several rivers ideal for rafting, which run through jungles, hot springs, caves and even Mayan ruins. The most impressive are the Cahabón River, the Candelaria River and the Chiquibul River. With Class 2 and 3 rapids, the Coyolate River is perfect for a day of rafting with waterfalls and a jungle expedition.


Glide through the air on the most extreme ziplines

Monteverde Extremo Park in Costa Rica is a gem for canopy enthusiasts. Some of its 10 steel cables reach 450 meters in height; it even has the longest zipline in the country, as well as the highest bungee jump in Central America at 143 meters above sea level from a moving platform. In Panama, visitors will experience the Gamboa Zipline (also called Gamboa Tree Trek), which is immersed in the rainforest and from which the Panama Canal can be seen. It is very close to Panama City and Gatun Lake.

Surf the best waves in the world
The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador, has world famous surf spots. While surfers at El Sunzal Beach find the most consistent waves in the country, which are also very suitable for longboarding, nearby El Tunco Beach, with its wilder waves, is ideal for experienced surfers. Punta Mango, near the famous beach of Las Flores, offers ideal conditions for practicing this sport from March to October. In Nicaragua, Playa Hermosa and Popoyo Beach offer the best waves in the country. Finally, in the Guanacaste region, in the extreme north of Costa Rica, the excellent conditions guarantee perfect waves around 300 days a year.

Challenge the heights by climbing mountains

Trekking enthusiasts cannot miss the Cerro Chato volcano in Costa Rica. Climbing to the top takes about two hours of jungle walking. The course is not easy, but those who reach the end can relax swimming in the lake of the same name. For the more intrepid, there is also Cerro Chirripó, located in the Cordillera de Talamanca, at 3,820 meters above sea level. Also, the park is a refuge for many wild animals such as tapirs, jaguars, quetzals and finches. In the Dominican Republic, the Pico Duarte is a must. It belongs to the Central Cordillera and has an altitude of 3,084 meters. This is located between two national parks, the Armando Bermúdez National Park and the José del Carmen Ramírez National Park, and can be accessed on two- or three-day excursions, depending on the route chosen.

Go sandboarding on a volcano
Nicaragua not only invites you to climb its volcanoes, but also to descend them by sliding on a board. This practice, known as sandboarding, is offered on the Cerro Negro volcano, the youngest in Central America, with an altitude of 728 meters above sea level. Thrill-seeking travelers will certainly appreciate this extremely fun activity. However, this is not for everyone, as reaching the top takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour and you have to support the weight of the board. Slipping down its slope is the reward for the effort.

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