First flight of Lookheed Martin’s MFEW-AL Electronic Warfare pod

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“Lockheed Martin announced the successful flight test of MFEW-AL, an airborne electronic payload.

Lockheed Martin successfully completes a flight test of its MFEW-AL electronic payload.

On October 18, 2023, Lockheed Martin announced that it had successfully completed a flight test of the Multi-Function Electronic Warfare-Air Large (MFEW-AL), an airborne electronic payload. The MFEW-AL is designed to detect, identify, locate, deny, disrupt and degrade enemy communications and radars. This flight test collected data on the extended range of the MFEW-AL, putting it through a series of tests intended to evaluate its ability to detect and affect a wide range of signals at various distances. This test was carried out on an Army fixed-wing aircraft, the MC-12W, but the system would not be platform dependent and can be adapted to various aircraft or drones.

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