First confirmed launch of Hawk anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian Air Force has just published a new video concerning an anti-aircraft system that has remained unnoticed since the start of the conflict: the MIM-23 Hawk. Although this system originally dates from the 1960s, they underwent several modernizations before their delivery to Ukraine from Spain.

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces appear to be lifting the veil on several recently delivered anti-aircraft systems. After the MIM-104 Patriot or more recently, the first use of a Supacat HMT, the Ukrainian Air Force released a new video of an anti-aircraft system in Ukraine on October 23. This confirms for the first time that the MIM-23 Hawk medium-range anti-aircraft system is indeed used in Ukraine. The video below shows two Hawk missile launches against two undetermined targets. The first missile explodes in the distance, while the second explodes at a shorter range, in a cloud of debris (successful impact?). It is not easy to determine which version was delivered by Spain but the additional delivery of Spanish AN/MPQ-61 and AN/MPQ-62 radars suggests that it was a Hawk Phase III battery. . The delivery of AN/MPQ-64 radars can also enable delivery of Hawks to Hawk 21 standards, the latest improvement to date.

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