Fire in Greece: TUI suspends commercial flights to the island of Rhodes

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The German tour operator TUI, world number one in tourismannounced today suspend all commercial flights towardsGreek island of Rhodesor one Forest fire raged for six days.

Until Tuesday, no more new tourists will be flown inon this island by the German group, told theAFP one of its spokespersons, Linda Jonczyk. She clarified that empty legs On the other hand, they were maintained in order to then be able to evacuate the thousands of customers still stuck on the island of Rhodes.

A forest fire has been going on for five days on this island in the Aegean Sea hit, like the rest of the country, by a historic heat wave. Yesterday, more than thirty boats – three coastguard boats and more than 20 private boats – took part in an evacuation operation of at least 2,000 tourists stranded on the beaches of Kiotari and Lardos, on the east coast of the island. Among them, some had missed their flights because they could not get to theRhodes-Diagoras airport due to road fires.

Also, some 30,000 residents and tourists left their hotels and villas to get away from the out-of-control fires. “This is the largest evacuation ever carried out in Greece (…) Everything went well. Everyone, especially tourists, followed what we ordered“, indicated to theAFP police spokeswoman Konstantia Dimoglidou.

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