FedEx 757 without landing gear lands willy-nilly at airport (video)

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A 757-200 plane from FedEx skidded off the track during a forced landing in an airport in Tennessee (Chattanooga) while his landing gear had not come down, but no one was injured, officials said.

Public safety agencies rushed to Chattanooga Regional Airport Wednesday evening after learning that the FedEx Boeing 757 had experienced a breakdown landing gear shortly after takeoff, the Chattanooga Fire Department said in a tweet. The plane, which had three crew members on board, rotated then made its final descent and came to rest beyond the runway, in a safety zone, firefighters said. There are no casualties.

Video released by Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services shows sparks flying as the plane lands, but officials said there was no fire, only smoke coming from the engines. “Great job by the pilots and airport staff, as well as all responding agencies for their coordinated efforts”, tweeted the firefighters. A FedEx spokesperson told media that the flight from Chattanooga to Memphis encountered a problem just after takeoff. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said it was investigating “gear down landing” at the airport. The Chattanooga Airport temporarily closed its main runway due to the crash landing.

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