February 4: World Cancer Day

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We are all confronted with this accursed disease; who has not had in his family or among his relatives a person suffering from a tumour? Modern medicine has made enormous progress, but many patients still leave because of cancer.

Some numbers

  • 10 millions people die of cancer every year worldwide.
  • At least a third of the most common cancers are preventable.
  • cancer is the second cause of death worldwide.
  • 65% of cancer-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.
  • millions of lives could be saved every year with the right strategies and resources in place for prevention, early detection and treatment.
  • The total annual economic cost of cancer is estimated at approximately 10 billion euros in France.

I wanted to tell you a personal story. I am followed in the hematology department at St Louis Hospital in Paris. I have been treated for over 30 years for essential thrombocythemia (blood platelets) and myelofibrosis (deteriorating bone marrow). One day I told my hematologist that I was lucky not to have chemotherapy. He replied: “but do you know that the drugs you are taking constitute chemical chemotherapy”. I lived without knowing it!

There are several types of cancer, and they are all insidious. We therefore think of those who suffer from it and we still strongly hope for treatments and medicines that can cure this terrible disease.

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