Fake travel agent sentenced to 9 years in prison

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This can exist in France but also in the United Kingdom. Our advice, check if the agency has a license to practice the profession. A fake 39-year-old English travel consultant has aimed high in his scam. More than 1,400 customers injured in this case.

Trips did not exist or were not paid

Our bogus agent was sentenced to nine years in prison for fraud and money laundering. The damage would be around 1.78 million euros. He was tried in a court in the city of Durham, in the north of England.

Luxury travel at bargain prices

Of course, you should always be wary of prices that are too attractive. The young woman had offered luxury trips at bargain prices, which, thanks to social networks, found a large audience. However, many customers found that vacations were not paid at all or only partially. Some travelers have had to pay for hotels or return flights while already abroad. Others were turned away at the airport because the ticket had been cancelled.

An extraordinary talent for dishonesty

The judge reportedly said the scammer had “an extraordinary talent for dishonesty” and “ruthlessly betrayed” the trust of friends and family. The fake travel agent used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle while his mother struggled to pay her bills. “I think you are a completely insensitive person. As your house of cards started to crumble, your lies got weirder and weirder,” the judge said.

James Lewis of the Crown Prosecution Service said action would be taken to recover the money through the Sold Goods Act 2002

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