Fake parts: GE’s CF6 engine would also be affected

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The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an alert to report that unapproved parts could be installed in some General Electric CF6 engines (GE).

According to the American regulator, the British company AOG Technics sold bushings for CF6 engines without its approval. This engine equips cargo planes, notably the vast majority of Boeing 767-F, as well as the military version KC-767. The FAA therefore asked airlines and maintenance companies to inspect their planes or their inventories to find these parts and remove them from the market.

These CF6 engine rings sold with falsified certificates would come from the same British company AOG Technics which placed on the aeronautical maintenance market false spare parts for CFM-56 engines, which equip the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 NG ( not to be confused with the new A320neo and 737 MAX which are powered by the Leap engine).

Last week, CFM International, the joint venture between Safran and GE that produces the CFM-56 engine, said it had identified 96 airliners that could be taken out of service for inspections because they were potentially carrying falsely certified AOG parts. Technics.

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