Fake certified parts: half of the 145 CFM-56 engines concerned are withdrawn from service

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The engine manufacturer CFM International said yesterday that more than half of the 145 suspected CFM-56 enginesto date, to contain falsely certified documents coming from UK supplier AOG Technics were removed from service.

CFM International, a joint venture of the American General Electric of the French Safran, indicated that it had carried out a review “exhaustive” of the documentation provided by AOG Technics and having shared the results with the competent authorities.

We are working closely with CFM-56 operators affected by unauthorized parts from AOG Technics, while supporting the investigation to exclude unapproved parts from the global supply chain“, declared a spokesperson for the engine manufacturer to the agency Reuters.

After an analysis of the documentation provided by AOG Technics, CFM International identified 180 falsified documents, covering 124 part numbers. The engine manufacturer shared all files with civil aviation regulators in the United States, the United Kingdom and European Union countries. 34,000 units produced to date, 22,600 CFM-56 engines are still in service and equip the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737NG single-aisle aircraft.

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