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During our trip to Switzerland, more precisely to Basel, we discovered the FAIRFOOT store which sells fair trade products. We wanted to know more…

Fair trade label in Switzerland

First of all, what is fair trade?

According to the website economie.gouv.fr “Fair trade is based on an organization of exchanges aimed at balancing the producer/consumer relationship between developed and developing countries. The consumer buys the product at a price guaranteeing the producer fair remuneration for his work, in a social and environmental framework that is thus better preserved.”

When Steven, founder and manager of the Fairfoot store, showed us around the store, not only did we feel like we were traveling, but we learned a lot about fair trade.

FairFoot – fair trade shop

For example, we went to Sri Lanka with the Rice&Carry brand, an upcycling brand that uses old saris to make furoshikis and accessories, old bags of rice and spices to make shopping bags, beach bags, gift cases computers, kits,…

All products of this brand are WFTO certified (World Fair Trade Organization Label). Because not only are we limiting waste, but we are also providing Sri Lankan seamstresses with stable employment and a fair salary.

We stayed a little in Sri Lanka to discover natural rubber.Fair Rubber” used by Fair Zone and Fair Move, respectively 100% zero plastic gardening and sports brands.

For the naughty, they also market a wide range of condoms containing rubber latex, produced within the framework of “fair trade”. The manufacturer receives a fair trade premium which is used exclusively to improve the living and working conditions of plantation workers and their families.

Thanks to their cosmetics partner brand, Fair Squaredwe became acquainted with apricot and almond oil from Pakistangreen tea fromIndiavanilla Madagascar, shea from Ghana,… These ingredients are Fairtrade certified (another label known in the field of fair trade). These ingredients are Fairtrade certified (another label known in the field of fair trade).

FairFoot a fair trade store

We cannot tell you about everything we have learned, but know that Fair Trade is a real way of consuming, respectful of human beings and the planet.

And of course, if you are Swiss, don’t hesitate to take a look at their online store fairfoot.ch or in their store Feldbergstrasse 67, 4057 Basel.

And subscribe to their very comprehensive Instagram account fairfoot_basel.

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