Exploris present at the IFTM TopRésa exhibition stand L071

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Exploris, the new 100% French expedition cruise line, will be present on IFTM Top Resa from October 3 to 5 in Paris, Porte de Versailles. The company’s teams will be available to travel agents and visitors on stand L071, in the Tour Operators and Cruise Village.

One year after its creation, and three months from the first navigation ofExploris One THE December 23, 2023, the countdown is on and 2024 will be rich in exploration to discover the flagship destinations offered by the cruise line. Exploris’ primary ambition is to share its teams’ passion for expeditions, transform passengers into explorers, and raise their awareness of the beauty of the destinations visited in order to make them true ambassadors.

Exploris is also…

● 100% French-speaking expedition cruises on board;

● A management team based in Nantes and Paris;

● A team of professionals with more than 30 years of expertise in the field of expedition cruising;

● Only one existing and renovated boat: Exploris One, under French flags of the RIF (French International Register)

● A small capacity ship (144 passengers maximum with 72 cabins and suites – limited to 120 passengers in the polar zone);

● Close proximity between crew and passengers with support from guides and naturalists on board and during stopovers;

● Very strong CSR commitments to minimize and compensate for environmental impact;

● 1 naturalist guide for 10 passengers in the polar zone and 1 naturalist guide for 12 passengers on other expedition trips (much better ratio than the regulatory standard);

● Expeditions of 7 to 17 nights on board;

● A newspaper “Embarquement – ​​Special Exploris” (in partnership with the Zeppelin photo agency) with a team of professionals in major reporting and testimonials from Stéphane Dugast (Editor-in-Chief)

Among the new features for 2023:

Inaugural cruise : In the paradise of Canals and Glaciers of Patagonia from December 23, 2023 to January 4, 2024

Exploris will begin its inaugural season on December 23, 2023 with a most exceptional cruise in the heart of the Chilean fjords. A first journey for Exploris One to the heart of wonder and excess, between tropical forest and subpolar fauna. Jean-Yves Le Drian will also be the exceptional guest of this inaugural cruise

Inaugural seasons Winter 2023/2024 and Summer 2024 full of surprises

Exploris begins its inaugural season on December 23, 2023 for expeditions ranging from Antarctica to the Arctic, via the Chilean and Norwegian fjords, the Atlantic islands, the British Islands, Iceland and Brazil, before to transport explorers during the summer to discover the British Isles, to the heart of Spitsbergen, off the coast of Iceland, along Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, to the St. Lawrence… Adventure trips in the heart of nature, where Exploris is committed to providing unique experiences to its passengers.

Exploris launches its “Great Guests” program

“Understand, Explore, Transmit”: always with the aim of allowing everyone to enrich themselves and better understand the world around us, Exploris offers a special program on all its cruises: “The Great Guests”. In addition to a team of specialist guides and naturalists present on board and during stopovers, these Great Guests from the world of journalism, science, exploration and culture will speak during the conferences offered on Exploris One. They will also be available to passengers to chat in a more informal and friendly manner throughout the cruise. Among them, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Stéphane Dugast, Anne Manipoud-Charcot, Mo Malo will be part of the Exploris adventure.

Exploris partners with starred chef Jean-Yves Gueho

Exploris is proud to partner with the famous starred chef Jean-Yves Gueho. Together, they will take on the challenge of creating unique and innovative recipes aboard the Exploris One cruise ship which will set sail at the end of December 2023. Jean-Yves Guého, known for his culinary creativity and his passion for fresh and local products , will bring its expertise to create refined menus, highlighting the flavors of the destinations offered by Exploris.

An exceptional champagne on board

To celebrate these exceptional moments, a partnership was signed with the house EPC Epicurean Champagne, for the champagne that will be served on board. Completely in line with Exploris values, EPC makes a point of reducing its environmental impact, and has chosen to reduce the weight of their bottles and only use recycled glass for their manufacture. From the bottle to the tasting accessories, they are entirely made in Europe.

A partnership with the care product brand Codage

At the spa and in the cabin, the products will be created by Coding, a contemporary cosmetology house, chosen for the expertise of its beauty artisans. Codage highlights the uniqueness of each skin and advocates dialogue with its expert therapists around each person’s lifestyle, tastes and desires in order to develop its tailor-made formula as close as possible to its needs and offering optimal skin tolerance.

Freeze frame with Zeppelin

To immortalize these unforgettable moments, a partnership was signed with the agency Photo-Reporter Zeppelin whose photographers will be on board to accompany the passengers and photograph the adventure.

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