Explora Journey appoints Mike Horn as Ambassador

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Explora Journeys, the luxury hospitality brand of MSC Group, today announced the appointment of renowned adventurer Mike Horn as Ambassador.

A world-renowned adventurer, explorer and environmental activist, Mike Horn has been on many expeditions to some of the most remote and challenging places on earth. Among other things, he crossed the Arctic, Antarctica and the Amazon, and sailed around the world alone. A staunch environmentalist, he has worked with communities and conservation organizations around the world to promote sustainable living and protect the planet’s most fragile ecosystems.

The maiden voyage to Iceland and Greenland, “Arctic Geyser, Glaciers and Icelands,” will connect Reykjavik to New York from September 9 to 25, 2023. During this trip, Mike Horn will take Explora Journeys passengers on two hikes distinct in remote areas of Greenland. Guests will also be able to attend his seminar entitled “Setting goals and being resilient” on board EXPLORA I, during which he will explain how he prepares for the most extreme expeditions and how to draw inspiration from these practices in other aspects of our daily lives.

Michael Ungerer, CEO of Explora Journeys, said: “We are delighted to welcome Mike Horn to the Explora Journeys family. His passion for adventure and the environment aligns perfectly with our brand values, and we look forward to working with him to create unforgettable and lasting experiences for our most discerning passengers. »

Mike Horn, explorer and conservationist, underlined: “I am impressed by the initiatives of the MSC group – Cruise Division – in favor of sustainable development. Their desire to innovate and their technology correspond to my vision of a world where everyone must adapt to a constantly changing environment. I am thrilled to partner with Explora Journeys to achieve ambitious goals, promote sustainability, and create unforgettable experiences that bring us closer to nature. »

This partnership between Mike Horn, Explora Journeys and the MSC Foundation is a particularly exciting initiative for lovers of luxury ocean travel and conservationists. It allows you to explore the most remote and spectacular places in the world while promoting a sustainable way of life and the protection of the environment.

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