Expedia road-movie version: direct reservations on the new streaming platform

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According to Expedia Group’s 2023 Travel Trends Report, 39% of global travelers have booked a vacation to a destination they’ve seen in a streaming movie or TV show. A much more influential source of travel inspiration than social media…

On the new Expedia streaming platform it will be possible to book in real time the routes, hotels and attractions that appear in real television series created for the occasion. It aims to bridge the gap between travel marketing and the growing importance of Netflix-like streaming movies on tourism.

Watch. Plan. Go. the tourism TV revolution

Watch. Plan. Go. offers film viewing, combines interactive maps, travel advice, information on hotels and monuments, prices and recommended means of transport.

Featuring engaging and high-quality travel content, the pilot version of this project is currently only available in Canada and was developed in conjunction with the promoting organization Brand USA. The GoUsa.tv site allows a totally purchasable experience on Expedia for individual products or the complete itinerary of certain road-movies available on the streaming platform.

The agreement with Brand USA
Three episodic road movies – California Pops, Roadfood Adventures and United States of Sports – were developed in collaboration with Brand USA, along with many other video content divided by theme: Great Outdoors, Food and Drinks, Cultures and Events, Places, and Music.


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