Expedia: new travel trends influenced by series and films

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In 2023, the Expedia tour operator had anticipated that travelers would find theinspiration on small and big screens. This trend has been confirmed and does not seem likely to stop in 2024.

Internal data from the three Expedia Group brands -Expedia, Abritel and Hotels.com-, more than half of French people aged 18-44 (51%) say they researched or booked a trip to a destination after seeing it in a TV series or movie and more than a third (35%) admit that TV series and films have even more influence on their travel plans than before.

Expedia, Abritel and Hotels.com have already looked at the upcoming releases of series and films and have identified these destinations that will make pop culture fans travel in 2024: +150% searches for Romania after the release of Wednesday on Netflix, +200% searches for Paris after the release of the last season ofEmily in Paris or even +45% searches for Chicago following the first season of The Bear.

The trend of “ fooled “, these affordable alternatives to popular products, which has flooded TikTok feeds, is now taking over travel. French travelers are looking for “ fooled » to go on a trip in 2024. More than a third have already booked one of these destinations because it is less crowded (48%), and more unusual (40%).

Searches for these destinations have all increased significantly over the past year. They have more than doubled compared to the previous year for the first five destinations in the top 10:
-Taipei (alternative destination for Seoul): +2,786%
-Pattaya (substitute destination for Bangkok): + 249%
-Paros (substitute destination for Santorini): + 193%
-Curaçao (substitute destination for Saint-Martin): + 185%
-Perth (substitute destination for Sydney): +109%
-Liverpool (alternative destination for London): 97%
-Palermo (substitute destination for Lisbon): + 89%
-Quebec (substitute destination for Geneva): + 60%
-Sapporo (substitute destination for Zermatt): + 38%
-Memphis (substitute destination for Nashville): +16%

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