Expedia Group integrates ChatGPT into its mobile apps

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The travel group Expedia integrates into its Expedia and Hotels.com apps new features powered byartificial intelligence.

With advanced new technologies that put travelers first, including the addition of ChatGPT as a trip planning assistant, the tour operator makes it even easier to intelligently search for hotels and rates, and the ability to book flights with airline miles.

Here is an overview of these new features:

Generative AI-Assisted Trip Planning: To make travel planning more intuitive, Expedia launched ChatGPT-assisted trip planning in its iOS app this year. Available at the beginning of next month on Android and in English only for the moment on the Expedia.fr app, this feature brings its share of new solutions:
– The automatic recording of activities and hotels recommended during the conversation, which will facilitate the management of stays, allowing you to add more travel elements and know other information such as availability.
– The provision of photos and additional details, such as reviews and price range, related to recommended hotels, which will be available later this summer and will allow travelers to better visualize their stay.
– Resuming started conversations at any time, starting a new conversation from a message suggestion and replying to a conversation using a reply suggestion, which will also be available later this summer and provide a smoother experience for travelers looking for the vacation of their dreams.

Smart shopping: With the launch on the Hotels.com app of smart shopping (intelligent search for hotels and rates), AI provides complete peace of mind to travelers concerned about finding the perfect place for them, by offering the following solutions to promote the comparison and filtering of hotel search options:
– A new tool for comparing rates, reviews, amenities and more for up to five accommodations.
– An AI definition of the best recommended room type for travelers, based on 40 factors including trip participants, destination and length of stay.
– A new intuitive approach to customize extras during the stay (breakfast, parking, reimbursement conditions, etc.), with a clear indication of their individual cost.

Booking Flights with Airline Credits: For the first time in the industry, Expedia is encouraging the booking of flights using Airline Credits, allowing members to apply them on qualifying flights in a few clicks from their account. This feature will be available by the end of 2023 on the Expedia.fr app.

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