Exoticisms: an advertising campaign to drive sales

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At the heart of Exotismes’ strategy to boost its sales during the low season (May 1 to October 31), Summer Poker takes on even more meaning this year by presenting offers that do not experience inflation:

• in the West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique), low price packages renegotiated downwards and with “stock”

• in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Maldives, Zanzibar) offers with significant discounts.

So for example in Poker Summer 2023

• Guadeloupe is available from €599 per week (7 days/5 nights) in a hotel residence and accommodation only, departing from Paris

• Réunion from €899 per week (7 days/5 nights) in a 2-star hotel and breakfast, departing from Paris

• Mauritius from €999 per week (7 days/5 nights) in hotel accommodation and breakfasts, departing from Paris

• Zanzibar from €899 per week (7 days/5 nights) in a charming hotel and breakfast, departing from Paris.

As for the Dominican Republic and the Riviera Maya, new tight negotiations on a smaller selection of hotels, allow us to offer more “all-in” solutions in the areas most in demand.

EXOTISMES stays, tours and cruises are sold through travel agencies. Information on 04 96 13 96 13 and on www.exotismes.fr


Online brochure and 100% online production, with direct access to the stock in real time, the Poker d’Exotismes – https://poker.exotismes.fr/ete23/ focuses on simplicity of reading with offers presented by destination and by increasing price, each product being indicated in the form of a playing card with the words “flight + stay”. In these “floor price” offers, luggage is à la carte.

And for combined islands, Exotismes created the new site in early 2023 2iles.exotismes.frwhich brings together a selection of the best sellers.

A major advertising campaign

The B to B launch is accompanied by an intense promotional system with a communication and commercial animation plan that involves the network of travel agencies more than ever: TV advertising from May 8 to 21 on the TF1 group channels and Canal+, showcase campaigns with the main networks of partner agencies, e-learning, raffle, social networks, etc.

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