Exclusive: the secrets of the standard Rafale F5

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Now on all newsstands until September, our Summer Special issue reveals the secrets of the future F5 standard of Dassault Aviation’s Rafale combat aircraft.

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A video from the DGA that went unnoticed: the secrets of the Rafale F5

To maintain its sovereignty, its ability to enter theaters first, but above all to secure its nuclear deterrent force, France has been developing, with the utmost discretion and for several years, a revolutionary development of the Rafale which should enable it to surpass the American F-35 from 2030.

The dissemination by the DGA of a video that went completely unnoticed during the Paris Air Show, then several announcements related to the financing of new subsystems enabled us to conduct the investigation, and to patiently reconstruct the puzzle of what could well constitute the greatest French technological adventure since the end of the Cold War.

Words from experts

  • Page 8: A2/AD and IADSan unrecognized threat
  • Page 18: Electronic Warfareinterview with Pierre-Yves Chaltiel, “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it”
  • Page 19: Radarinterview with Pierre Baratault, former managing director of Thomson-CSF radars and countermeasures, “Gallium nitride has the advantage of providing additional power and making multifunction antennas affordable”
  • Page 22: Collaborative Combatinterview with General Bruno Depardon, “The level of artificial intelligence on board the UCAV that will accompany the Rafale F5 would lead to a capacity for initiative varying from zero to that of a human pilot”
  • Page 24: F5 Bursta Generation 5++ Rafale

A disruptive radar: the RB2-XG

This radar would not only be equipped with new gallium nitride T/R modules but also with a new digital architecture which would allow it to increase its performance tenfold and become a genuine multifunction sensor/effector. Several sources of information allow us to have a more precise idea of ​​the capabilities that the RBE-2 XG would bring to the Rafale F5.

Of course, you will also find subjects related to civil aeronautics and the space industry, enough to keep you up to date with the latest technologies envisaged to obtain the aviation and space transport of tomorrow.

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