Eurostar will have a competitor between Paris and London

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Spanish rail start-up Evolyn has announced plans to launch passenger services to compete with Eurostar on the Paris-London route. It aims to launch its first services in 2025, with a full fleet in service in 2026. By then, it is possible that Spain’s railways, RENFE, will also add a high-speed service between Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris.

Evolyn has strong assets

Evolyn has been developing its projects for three years and discussions on access rights are underway. The project represents a total investment estimated at around 1 billion euros and has “high technical and financial solidity”.

Evolyn is run by the Spanish Cosmen family and is supported by unnamed British and French industrial and financial partners.

The Cosmen family owns a stake in coach, bus and train operator Mobico (formerly National Express Group).

A firm order from Alstom

On October 11, the Spanish company announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire 12 Avelia high-speed trains from Alstom, with options for four more.

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