Europ Assistance launches “all risks” insurance in the EU… soon in France?

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In certain EU countries, such as Italy (, Europ Assistance completes its range of travel proposals with all-risk protection, the first from the insurance company in an “all-risks included” version.

This is a new product suitable for any destination, but above all easy to sell for travel agents: its strong point is the unlimited reimbursement of medical expenses, as well as availability of up to 50 thousand euros for travel accidents. This Travel Protection All Risks therefore guarantees complete peace of mind in extremely expensive destinations like the United States and Canada.

Designed for those traveling on medium-long hauls, and often accompanied by children, the new insurance has a lower cost than individual coverage which can also be taken out for short hauls.

It remains to be seen whether this type of product will soon be available in France where, for the moment, Europ Assistance offers insurance by period of time, as well as specific insurance for trips to the USA.

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