EU coordinates six additional flights as part of humanitarian airlift to Gaza

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Six new flights are planned in the coming days as part of the humanitarian airlift to Gaza organized by the EU.

Two planes took off from Brindisi (Italy) yesterday and today, with 55 tonnes of EU donations to the World Food Program on board. This shipment includes logistical items such as a mobile storage unit, refrigeration equipment and other items that will increase the ability of humanitarian organizations to respond more effectively to the needs of the Gaza population. Three more planes should leave Bucharest next week with materials for setting up shelters, such as tents and mattresses, donated by Romania. The final flight, which will depart from Ostend (Belgium), will carry supplies from United Nations agencies and other humanitarian partners. In total, the EU has organized in recent weeks 14 flights as part of its airlift to transport more than 550 tonnes of emergency aid for the people of Gaza to Egypt for rapid deployment to the Rafah border crossing point.

“The European Union has always been the largest international donor to the Palestinian people”says President Ursula von der Leyen. “We remain committed to the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza. This is why we are organizing more flights to help as many civilians as possible. Eight flights carrying much-needed supplies have already arrived in Egypt and six more are planned for the coming days. At the same time, we are working on setting up additional routes, for example via a maritime corridor.”

The EU launched this operation humanitarian airlift to help populations affected by the crisis, thus facilitating the delivery of humanitarian freight provided by partners. Since October 16, eight flights carrying more than 372 tonnes of aid have already arrived in Egypt. Most of these supplies have already been delivered to Gaza by EU partner humanitarian organizations on the ground.

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