Etias: operational from 2025

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The delay in the implementation of Etias, the new system which will be adopted by the European Union to register travelers entering from third countries. The electronic visa, which will work in a similar way to the North American ESTA, will not be operational before 2025 and not next year as announced, see our article of 07/13:

EU ETIAS deadline 2024: AdV and receptionists must inform passengers on time!

This would be the third postponement since its first announcement and, according to the Brussels institutions, it might not even be the last. Furthermore, the Etias would not be the only system to be put on standby. The Entry/Exit System (EES), a border security system that tracks visitors from European Union countries and registers them, is also expected to be postponed, in this case to the end of 2024.

In fact, the two systems are linked together and the Etias system cannot function properly without the Ees.

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