ETIAS: European system should be ready in 2024, three years late

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ETIAS, a handy acronym for “European Travel Information and Authorization System”. It was supposed to be launched this year, but has just been pushed back to 2024. It will require visitors outside Europe to apply, pay and then receive documented approval to enter Schengen countries.

The new launch date has been quietly updated on the official website of the European Union

“From 2024, some 1.4 billion people from more than 60 visa-free countries will need travel authorization to enter most European countries,” the website reads. It is further indicated that “ETIAS is not currently in operation and that no request is being collected at this stage.”

Residents of the countries below will need ETIAS to enter Europe

If you are from one of these countries and you plan to visit one of the 30 European countries listed above for a short stay, you will need an ETIAS travel authorization.

There are specific travel document requirements for nationals of certain visa-exempt countries – be sure to check if these apply to the travel document you have.

If you are from one of the visa exempt countries listed above and you are a family member of an EU citizen or a national of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or from Switzerland, please read this FAQ for more information on applying for an ETIAS travel authorisation. .

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To go to the UK?

Visitors from Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada will soon need to apply for permission to enter the UK. Known as the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), the Home Office aims to introduce the scheme by the end of 2023. The system is part of the UK’s plan to digitize its borders entirely by 2025.

ETA is not a visa but it gives permission to enter the country

All visitors who do not currently need to apply for a visa will need to obtain an ETA before travelling. There is no full list of countries yet, but visitors from the US, Canada, Australia and probably Europe will need to obtain one to enter the UK.

How much does it cost ?

Similar to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) in the United States, there will be a small fee associated with the application process. It is not yet known how much it will cost, but similar programs in other countries range from €5 to €20.

Travelers are advised to apply at least a few days before their intended trip and approval must be granted within 72 hours.

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