Environment: protesters stick to tarmacs in Germany

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Of the climate activists of the ” Last generation » disrupted air traffic yesterday at the airports of Dusseldorf And Hamburgsticking to the tarmac or closing check-in counters among other actions.

After Amsterdam or Geneva, where business jets were targeted, it was the turn of German airports to be the target on July 13, 2023 of environmental protesters. Hamburg was the most affected yesterday, with 28 departures and 22 arrivals canceled (10 flights were diverted) following the temporary closure of the central security checkpoint and several check-in counters by protesters who had breached the fence of the platform. Airport operations were suspended for four hours,

We can confirm that a group of people gained unauthorized access to airport premises near the runway system this morning said Janet Niemeyer, media manager at Hamburg Airport. ” Such action may constitute a serious violation of the air safety. Therefore, air traffic at Hamburg Airport had to be temporarily suspended for security reasons. The consequences are felt by many families who were eagerly awaiting the start of the vacation. The start of the summer holidays is one of the peak times for travelers at Hamburg Airport “, she added.

The action of the activists was even more spectacular at the airport of Dusseldorf yesterday, where they arrived around 6:00 a.m., broke the protective fence there too and began to stick to the tarmac on the taxiways, blocking aircraft movements on the south runway and causing some cancellations but above all major delays. Activities resumed normally at the end of the afternoon,

The actions were carried out by Letzte Generation to protest government inaction and lack of planning for the climate crisis. ” We let our government subsidize air traffic, a major disaster fire accelerator, with billions every year. It feels like mass suicide and we can’t take it anymore explained the association.

Environment: protesters cling to tarmacs in Germany 2 Airlines and Destinations

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