Entertainment: the Euphony audio solution takes off with Japan Airlines

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Japan Airlines unveiled the new equipment on board its Airbus A350-1000 and will thus be the first company in the world to offer Euphony audio technology in First Class and Business Class on each of the 13 long-haul flights it has ordered from the European aircraft manufacturer.

Revealed by Safran Seats in 2022, Euphony is an innovative solution developed in partnership with the French company Devialet, specialist in hi-fi audio. Embedded on board, it offers a high-end individual audio experience without headphones.

Euphony combines Devialet’s acoustic engineering expertise, its patented proprietary technologies and the invention of Safran Seats integrating two custom-made Devialet speakers on each side of a headrest. The system adapts in real time to audio content as well as ambient cabin noise to provide an optimal listening experience without disturbing other passengers on board. Regardless of the seat position, passengers benefit from high-fidelity sound reproduction, clear and rich sound without being bothered by headphones and cables. Euphony thus eliminates communication barriers with other passengers or cabin crew, and creates a harmonious experience on board the plane.

A true technological feat, Euphony offers a unique listening experience and establishes a sound standard of unprecedented quality on board. We are very pleased that Japan Airlines passengers will be able to benefit first from the quality of its Devialet in the air“, welcomes Franck Lebouchard, CEO of Devialet.

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