End of Air Guyana: emergency measures for territorial continuity

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With the end ofAir Guyane put into liquidation by the Pointe-à-Pitre commercial court, the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune assured that the State and the Territorial Community of Guyana (CTG) were “at the meeting on territorial continuityin Guyana.

One of the first emergency measures begins this Wednesday, October 4. A plane from a private company will provide “most urgent and essential connections, such as health emergencies, drug supply…“, assured yesterday the Minister of Transport to the Overseas delegation of the National Assembly. “We will not let Guyana down, we will not let down any essential connection“, underlined the minister.

Indeed, the CTG will put 650,000 euros on the table for the provision of a 19-seater plane – a DHC-6 Twin Otter supplied by the Swiss company Zimex Aviation – over the coming weeks. The State should, for its part, deploy two helicopters to handle health emergencies.

In an interview given to the media Outremers360, the president of the CTG Gabriel Serville, who had just spoken with “ various members of the Prime Minister’s office, the Ministry of the Interior, Transport, as well as the Elysée “, underlined the temporary nature of this first measure, before the establishment of a temporary public service delegation of 7 monthsscheduled for early November.

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