ENAC inaugurates a new training center in Grenoble

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L’National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) inaugurated its new Grenoble training centeroverlooking the slopes of theGrenoble-Alpes-Isère airportmanaged by the airport operator VINCI Airports.

On a plot of 40,000m², the new buildings are made up of 4 adjoining units including an accommodation center, a workshop, a hangar, classrooms as well as 3 rooms for flight simulators. Two new taxiways for planes provide access to the airport runways.

The buildings were designed paying particular attention to environmental measures, particularly in terms of insulation. An on-site geothermal heating/cooling system was installed to help limit the use of fossil fuels. This environmental ambition is shared by VINCI Airports, which is working to reduce CO2 emissions from its activities (use of electric runway machines, replacement of the cold unit with less energy-consuming equipment, deployment of LEDs, etc.) and to to encourage all of its partners in this approach (eco-modulation, provision of SAF).

An engineering school, ENAC trains students for the professions of air traffic controller, airline pilot, senior civil aviation studies and operations technician (TSEEAC), senior aviation technician (TSA). ) and aircraft instructor.

This inauguration recalls the close link maintained between ENAC and Grenoble airport since 1975. In 2022, nearly 8,500 movements will take place within the framework of ENAC activities, which demonstrates the importance of this activity for the airport, but also the importance of the airport in allowing the school to operate. Note also that a large number of former ENAC students join the VINCI Airports teams, and numerous interventions are held by VINCI Airports as part of airport training modules to introduce students to the sector, the training of young talents being essential to the future of the French aeronautics sector“, underlines the airport operator.

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