Emirates deploys 20,000 smartphones and digital tablets for its cabin crew

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The Emirati airline has developed native applications with the aim of making staff work on board more efficient and therefore improving service to passengers.

The Emirates airline has launched the “One Device” initiative, through which it will distribute a total of 20,000 smartphones (Iphone 13) and digital tablets (Ipad Air) to its flight attendants with personalized applications in order to to improve and facilitate the service provided to passengers on board, as well as the overall experience of the crew. Emirates has already invested more than 8 million euros in this initiative and started distributing digital devices a year ago. Today more than 7,000 Emirates crew members use the iPhone on 450 daily flights across its global network. In the coming months, an additional 5,000 crew members will receive iPhones and iPads with new apps and features, building on the success of this deployment.

Personalize the service

Among the custom-designed applications is an application intended to improve the process of ordering in-flight meals in Business Class, ensuring fast and accurate service and allowing cabin crew to view each passenger’s profile and Skywards status. Another application allows cabin crew to access up-to-the-minute flight information, learn about seat changes and possible upgrades, and have an overview of the staff members on board. By providing a 360-degree view of passengers, Emirates flight attendants can access critical information in real time and are therefore equipped with the tools necessary to ensure quality service: unprecedented personalization of each customer’s experience, sharing information such as meal and drink preferences, and even sizes of on-board loungewear – if they have been used on previous flights.

Access to 24-hour support

The initiative One Device also improves the performance and safety standards of on-board teams by guaranteeing them access to 24/7 support worldwide, including through a team of specially trained experts at the hub. Emirates in Dubai, as well as via Apple Support. To enhance safety on board, the onboard crew can check official procedures at any time, through remotely updated operational manuals, and use One Device as a platform for continuing education through micro-learning. Emirates cabin crew are allowed to use the iPhone for personal purposes and their private data is protected.

The deployment of “One Device” was made possible through a unique workshop at Emirates headquarters in Dubai open 24/7, allowing on-board personnel to ask questions about operating hardware and software, access Emirates application support, meet their accessory needs and more.

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