EdV: warning to agencies about fraud in distance sales (VAD)

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We publish below the press release from Entreprises du Voyage (EdV):

Dear member, Dear member,

We have received several testimonials from agencies, notably via the CDMV and the helpdesk, reporting proven cases or attempted fraud in the context of distance sales (VAD). This phenomenon is not new. Faced with the acceleration of cases, we nevertheless wanted to send you this reminder. We therefore call on your vigilance in order to protect your agency as much as possible against the financial risks linked to fraud. We remind you that the PSD2 standard, in force since May 15, 2021, requires you to put in place strong authentication to all online payments over 30 euros.

This regulation aims to protect consumers and professionals. We recommend that you never accept a bank card payment remotely if you do not have the necessary tools to ensure strong identity verification authentication. The use of the “strong authentication” system guarantees the security of the transaction. In the absence of this type of security system, we would like to alert you to the considerable risks to which your agency will be exposed. In the event of fraud, neither your bank nor any insurance company will bear the risk. All funds will be lost to your agency.


A prospect contacts you by telephone and asks you to make a last-minute reservation for specific services (air, accommodation, car rental). He gives you the numbers of a bank card over the phone. The scammers do not have the physical bank card whose numbers they were simply able to obtain illegally.
If the agency accepted the first transaction, the scammer returns to the agency and books as many services as possible.

A few days later, the real card holder realizes that he is the victim of bank card fraud and files a claim. The amounts paid to your agency are credited back to it.

The scammer’s clients have already traveled in the meantime.

In this case, in the absence of recourse to a secure payment, the funds committed are completely lost for the agency. In many cases, the perpetrators of these frauds are abroad. It will be difficult to apprehend them.

Below, some preventive measures to put in place to limit your exposure:


Scammers use increasingly elaborate and credible scenarios.

Each transaction carried out using credit card number recovery over the phone without strong authentication is at your own risk.

Only accept remote payments if your bank or payment service provider allows strong authentication.

If you have been the victim of fraud, keep carefully all the information provided by the author (email address, identity, bank card details, etc.) and file a complaint.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact:

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Cissé Dianka [email protected]
Guillaume Beurdeley [email protected]

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