EDV: an unsurprising election

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Valérie Boned, 59, was elected President of the Travel Companies union this Wednesday, October 4, 2023, for a three-year term, following the Board of Directors meeting. She succeeds Jean-Pierre Mas. In the small professional world, it was already certain that Valérie Boned would be the lucky one. The surprise came rather from the election of the vice-president

Valerie Boned

This does not take away from his skills.

Valérie Boned joined the professional organization SNAV, now Travel Companies, in 1998 as Legal Director before being appointed Secretary General in 2017, also in charge of Public Affairs. Valérie Boned was appointed, in 2019, president of the Competitiveness, Simplification, Regulation Commission and member of the office of the Tourism Sector Committee (CFT) created by Jean Baptiste Lemoyne, then Minister Delegate for Tourism. She holds a Master’s degree in tax law and civil contract law from the University of Paris II Assas (1990).

Patrick Pourbaix

The surprise comes from the election of the vice-president

We have learned that Patrick Pourbaix, French boss of MSC Cruises and Explora Journey, has been appointed vice-president of EDV. This is a first for the boss of a cruise company.

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