Ebel- TUI: “repeated heat waves will move tourism north”

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The big names in tourism are starting to consciously address the issue of climate change. Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI, the largest European tour operator, has hypothesized a change of scenery in summer destinations, precisely linked to the heat waves which are occurring more and more often.

During a press conference in Germany, Ebel addressed the issue by presenting the data relating to the fires that affected the island of Rhodes a few weeks ago and which cost Tui 25 million euros.

Faced with this situation, the CEO raised the issue of the Mediterranean and the heat waves that affect it. According to Ebel, vacationers could assess the advisability of traveling, for example, to Greece in November, so as not to find extreme climates. It has also opened up the possibility that certain coasts, such as those of Belgium or Poland, which are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among travelers from across the Rhine.

TUI therefore intends to expand its range of destinations to mitigate potential future risks, introducing the Nordic countries as an alternative to the Mediterranean in the summer period.

Also among the new proposals: insurance options that protect tourists traveling in the Mediterranean against possible holiday interruptions due to climate change.

TUI: Heatwaves will change the model for vacation in the Mediterranean

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