EasyJet: the pilots take off from a bad place in Toulouse-Blagnac

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An incident described as ” severe “ speak Investigations and Analysis Office (BEA) involved a low cost aircraft easyJet at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. The pilots took off from a bad intersection…

On Sunday July 30, the pilots of an Easyjet Airbus A320-200, operating flight U2-8414 from Toulouse-Blagnac at London Gatwick, lined up on Toulouse runway 32R via the taxiway N4 (about 1,250 meters) and started take-off. According to information from the BEA, and even if there are no human or aircraft consequences, the nature of this error is as follows: “Takeoff from wrong intersection” in English, for “takeoff from an erroneous alignment point”. Understand: the pilots took the wrong taxiway and the plane did not take off from where it should have taken off. The plane then continued to London Gatwick for a safe landing.

EasyJet declined to comment. “as an investigation is ongoing”but assured that she “cooperates fully with the BEA” and “safety and well-being” of its passengers and crew “are EasyJet’s top priority”.

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