EasyJet cuts 1,700 flights this summer

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The airline company low cost easyJet canceled some 1,700 flights in July, August and Septemberanticipating future strikes air traffic control.

The base of the British budget flight specialist at the airport of London-Gatwick will be the main victim of these flight cancellations, easyJet claiming that 95% of the 180,000 passengers affected have already been placed on other flights – 9,000 others are still waiting for an alternative. It still plans to operate around 90,000 flights over the summer holiday period.

EasyJet explains its decision by “constraints” in European airspace, ranging from possible strikes controllers (like those of the spring in France, which resulted in hundreds of cancellations for her) to the consequences of the invasion ofUkraine by Russia, including the “unprecedented” delays caused by the resumption of air traffic. No staffing problemassures the airline that it has “more pilots and cabin crew than ever”, but the delays due to air traffic control are “three times greater than before the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Over the past weekend, easyJet grounded more than 40 flights to and from Gatwick on Saturday (affecting more than 6,000 passengers) and dozens more departures on Sunday. An easyJet spokesperson told The Independent daily: We have carried out preventive adjustments of our schedule, consolidating a small number of flights into Gatwick, where we have multiple daily frequencies, to help mitigate these external day-of-travel challenges for our customers. We currently operate around 1,800 flights and carry around 250,000 customers a day, and like all airlines, we are constantly reviewing our flights. “. Before declaring that the low cost is ” sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused “.

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